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World’s first motorised detachable ice-breaking bow has been launched

The world´s first self-propelled removable ice-breaking bow was launched at the end of August at Turku Repair Yard, Naantali, Finland. Western Baltic Engineering developed working project and shipbuilders of Western Baltija Shipbuilding in Lithuania constructed steel hull of this bow.

The outfitting work of the ice-breaking bow will continue at the Turku Repair Yard, and required modifications to the pusher tug, Alfons Håkans AS owned “Calypso”, will be conducted. The bow and the pusher will then be connected for sea trials.

The self-propelled ice-breaking bowis an electric propulsion ship with the VISEDO’s propulsion system, with two shaft lines and CATERPILLAR’s auxiliary diesel generators. All systems of detachable boware remotely controlled from the push boat bridge, to which the bow is docked with hydraulic precision pins.

According to plans, in October the Finnish Transport Agency will conduct acceptance tests, after which the icebreaker bow will be moored in Mustola harbour in Lappeenranta, Finland. Additionally, it will operate in the Lake Saimaa area in South-Eastern Finland from winter 2020.

Pusher tug with a so-called “attachment”, or self-propelled icebreaker bow, performing ice-breaking operations in winter will return to its usual work in summer. The investment cost of this bow is about 25% of the price of a purpose-built icebreaker. Moreover, the construction and conversion periods are shorter than for a newbuilding project.

The ice-breaking bow was developed as a subproject of the WINMOS II (Winter Navigation Motorways of the Sea II), which is funded from the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). The aim of the project is to ensure the year-round navigation in the northern waters of the European Union, a high level of maritime safety during the winter navigation period and to develop cooperation between Finland, Estonia and Sweden in providing icebreaker services for ships.

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