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BLRT Grupp shipyard launches research vessel for Faroe Islands

Research vessel for Faroe Islands was launched from a floating dock of Western Baltija Shipbuilding, BLRT Grupp’s shipyard in Klaipėda.

The vessel launching ceremony was attended by representatives of both the builders, and the client, the MEST Shipyard Group, and the owners, the Faroe Marine Research Institute, of the vessel.

“The vessel shall be used for fisheries and oceanic explorations. The Faroe Islands are highly dependent on fishery, which makes it critical that fish resources are preserved for future generations. This scientific research vessel will help us achieve just that. It will also take part in international explorations. This project is of great importance, since fishery is the key business of the Faroe Islands, an archipelago wedged between the Atlantic Ocean and the Norwegian Sea, fish products accounting for the major part of their exports,” said Eilif Gaard, Head of the Faroe Marine Research Institute.

Mouritz Mohr, MEST Shipyard CEO, highly appreciated the result and well-coordinated work with Western Baltija Shipbuilding, emphasizing high quality execution of the project.

“Shipbuilding would remain a priority for the Group’s activity. We attach equally great significance to construction of research vessels, grand-blocks and hull sections for cruise ships weighing from 300 to 1500 tons, and to construction of barges for fish farming,” underlined Veronika Ivanovskaja, Chairman of the Board of BLRT Grupp.

The agreement over the hull of a research vessel – 54 metres long, 13.6 metres wide, and weighing in at 1.500 tonnes fully equipped – was signed between WBS and MEST Shipyard in February last year. Engines, generators, steering mechanism and other equipment were installed on the ship. The final installation of the vessel will take place on the Faroe Islands.

Built on order from the Faroe government, the research ship was subject to very high noise emission requirements (Silent-R). A lot of effort was made to achieve that level: all of the vessel’s machinery is installed on anti-vibration pads, and the engine section is soundproofed. The hull of the vessel has ice class C.

Western Baltija Shipbuilding already has experience in construction of research vessels. Five years ago, the Mintis, a multifunctional marine exploration vessel, was built and delivered to Klaipėda University. Construction of each research vessel is extremely complicated because such vessels are equipped with numerous devices.

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MEST Shipyard is dating back to 1898. It is a company with deep traditions and immense experience, handing down its knowledge and values from one generation to the next.

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