Strongly and sharply

BLRT Grupp acquired a company, providing maintenance of life-saving appliances

BLRT Grupp acquired a 100% of shares in Mereabi, which specializes in maintenance of marine life-saving appliances.

“BLRT Grupp already provides similar services in Tallinn and Klaipeda, and the acquisition of the company is the next stage in the development strategy of the ship service, which will significantly expand the range of services provided to ship owners. This step gives to the concern an opportunity to strengthen its positions in the sphere of maintenance, inspection, repair and sale of life-saving and fire-fighting equipment on marine vessels," explains Jevgeni Beljanin, Chairman of the Council of Mereabi AS.

The personnel of the company with the necessary certificates performs full technical maintenance of life-saving equipment in any port in 24/7 mode with a good quality and in a short time.

BLRT Grupp is one of the largest industrial concerns in the Baltic Sea region. The BLRT Grupp includes three shipyards - Tallinn Shipyard in Estonia, Western Shiprepair in Lithuania and Turku Repair Yard in Finland, providing comprehensive services in the field of ship repair and modernization.

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