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BLRT Group Shipyard built a ferry of a new generation in Lithuania

At the shipyard of the BLRT Group in Lithuania a hull for a new generation passenger ferry for the world-famous Norwegian transport company Boreal Sjø AS was built. The project was completed within the framework of resumed cooperation with the Norwegian company Fiskerstrand Verft AS.

Diesel-electric-powered, environmental-friendly ferry can work on both electric batteries and biodiesel fuel.

The Norwegian company Multi Maritime AS carried out works on the ferry design. The construction of the ferry’s hull and its partial equipping was carried out by Western Baltija Shipbuilding, an affiliated company of the BLRT Group. The final ship equipping work will be completed in Norway.

The ferry, 66.4 m long and 14.2 m wide, will carry 50 cars and about 200 passengers on board. According to the plans, the vessel, to which the class + 1A1 was assigned, will be used for sailing in Norwegian fjords without sailing in the open sea.

Together with Fiskerstrand Verft AS BLRT Group built about 40 ferries, six of which operate on liquefied natural gas.


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