Strongly and sharply

ELME Trans entered the Road Transport TOP

At the annual conference of road transport companies (est. Autovedajate aastakonverents), organized by the Äripäev edition, the best road transport companies of Estonia were selected. Second place in the Road Transport TOP was assigned to the ELME Trans company, the member of the BLRT Group.

ELME Trans company operates in the market of freighting and rental of specialized equipment already for the 16 years. During this time dynamically developing company significantly expanded its geographical presence. Today, the Elme Trans Group operates in Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine and Finland, providing employment to a total of about 280 people, 120 of which located in Estonia.

Indicators of economic performance in 2015, such us turnover, business profit, growth of turnover and profits in 2015, profitability and return on assets were taken as a basis when choosing the best of 2016.


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