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Western Shiprepair completed modernization of the German vessel Cemgulf

The ship Cemgulf, owned by German company Brise Bereederung Hamburg, left on its first flight after the modernization at the Western Shiprepair. During profound modernization it has converted from a bulk carrier to the cement carrier. Deadweight of the vessel increased to 5,000 tons and it will run between Spain and Norway.

Repair work on the vessel has started in May. It was exactly the time, when the ship arrived to the shipyard, which is a division of the concern BLRT Grupp.

During the mid-level repair, the line shafting and rudder blade of the bulk carrier have been repaired, and restoration work on technical and operational characteristics of the vessel have been carried out as well. The ultimate goal of this type of repair is to ensure conditions for Class Register confirmation.

The main part of the project is modernization

During the modernization the multi-purpose bulk carrier has been converted into to the cement carrier. The process of modernization was not easy. The cement carrier is a specialized vessel, equipped with a special cargo handling machinery. This means that it was necessary to make radical changes in the design of the bulk carrier. A room for auxiliary marine diesel generators, designed for use as a power source of a cargo equipment, including high-performance compressors, was prepared on board of the vessel.

The project manager Dmitrij Tiutikov noted, that successful realization of the project showed a high level of interaction between the Western Shipyard group of companies.  Western Constructions company specialists brilliantly coped with all tasks on production of metal constructions, on the manufacture of which 300 tons of metal has been spent. Western Baltic Engineering prepared the project documentation, Vakarų Vamzdynų Sistemos was engaged in installation of pipelines, Baltic Premator Klaipėda – in paint works, Western Stevedoring – in loading and unloading works, and BLRT Era company– in electrical installation.

For Western Shiprepair this project has a special significance, since having mastered the specifics of the work, the company will be able to perform this kind of orders in the future. In response to the growing market demand regarding installation and modernization works, it should be noted a special attraction of conditions, offered by Western Shiprepair yard for repair and re-equipment of ships. "Because there are quite few similar vessels - cement carrier- on the market, now more than ever there is a need of modernization of existing bulk carriers or ships for other purposes into to the cement carrier," – confirms Aleksandras Verbickas the head of conversion department.

All works on repair and modernization of the ship have been performed within the shortest technically possible time - in 63 days.


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