Strongly and sharply

Elme TKS – independent control

The official date of foundation of the company Elme TKS considered July 1, 2001, although its history dates back to 1998.

Elme TKS was established on the basis of two laboratories - measuring technology laboratory and central laboratory of the Baltic Shipyard.

Elme TKS provides services for non-destructive testing and testing of metals, materials and welded joints. The laboratory carries out mechanical and metallographic examinations and tests, X-rays and ultrasound, color and magnetic particle testing.The company also deals with calibration and measuring instruments repairs.The company carries out testing of electric equipment and protection devices, as well as the analysis of the working environment risks.Their responsibilities include a chemical research as well.

The great asset of the company is its team - a close-knit team of like-minded, highly skilled professionals, sincerely concerned for their job that can fulfill orders of any complexity and realize the most extraordinary decisions. In Elme TKS work 18 employees.


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