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Western Constructions Work Appreciated

Western Constructions – subsidiary company of BLRT Grupp – once again deserved a word of thanks from the loyal customer – Norwegian company NLI Offshore & Marine Products as, who appreciated the work of our Lithuanian colleagues during realization of the BP Shah Deniz DEH Batch 2 project.

“I wish to render thanks to the whole Western Constructions team. Cable reel, manufactured with a good quality, undoubtedly encouraging consolidation of our cooperation. Expecting you will be completely devoted to the work in the future as well and hoping for successful realization of our common projects”- underlined the project manager of NLI Offshore & Marine Products as Thomas Dørdal Halvorsen.     

Western Constructions cooperates with the NLI Concern since 2007. «These are our old strategical partners we maintain close business contacts. We work under realization of the projects continuously and without failures», - speaks Rimantas Stropus, marketing director of Western Constructions.

Inspectors of NLI Offshore & Marine Products as permanently stay at the territory of Western Shipyard and acting exclusively in the interest of the customer. «All this facilitates communication between us and the customer, contributes to well –coordinated work, enables monitoring the progress of execution of the projects », - explains  Rimantas Stropus.

Currently Western Constructions works under enormous project of NLI concerning manufacturing of 30 reels. The end customer is Oceaneering International Inc. Company.


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