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BLRT Grupp – the most competitive enterprise in the field of industry and energetics

A festive gala –evening, during which the best Estonian enterprises in the competitiveness ranking 2015 were announced, took place on 8 October in the former Noblessner’s foundry. Concern BLRT Grupp was honored with a title «The most competitive enterprise in the field of industry and energetics».

Upon receiving this award, Igor Kond, the member of the Board of BLRT Grupp, said: «It’s a great honor for us. Since 2004 we kept this title during 7 consecutive years. After that we experienced several difficult years. That’ s why today we are specially pleased, that the award came back to us precisely here - at the Noblessner’s territory, directly connected with activities and new developing projects of BLRT Grupp. I wish to thank our partners and clients. And special thanks to our workers we owe the recovery of this title». 

Ranking is composed in order to enable enterprises to compare themselves with the competitors and to evaluate successfulness, productiveness and vitality of Estonian enterprises on the basis of the concrete procedure. The most competitive enterprises are established separately in each field of activity as well as generally in Estonia.

This competition has a very long-lasting history. Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Estonian Employer’s Confederation and Estonian Institute of Economic Research has been composing the rankings already during twelve years.


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