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New Kalaranna street– one step towards development of exclusive harbor quarter

On 14 of September Tallinn became one street richer.  By midday a brand new 1,75 km long Kalaranna street, passing between the Põhja avenue and Tööstuse street, one of the co-financer of construction of which is BLRT Grupp AS, was opened to the traffic.

According to the explanations of Ivar Piirsalu, director of real estate development of BLRT Grupp, Noblessner quarter is a territory of rapid development. „Kalaranna street provides an extra value to the town district and a comfortable access to the sea. Noblessner will develop as a place, where the visitors and future inhabitants can enjoy the unique town space and diverse cultural events. BLRT Grupp as co-financer of this project is glad, that it is contributed and will continue to contribute to the development of the local community“.

Kalaranna street is constructed as two-laned and two-way roadway with a 7,5 m wide cover. On the street side towards the continent instead of the former culture kilometer  a new non-motorized 4 m wide road was constructed.  On the side towards the sea there is a two meter wide promenade.

During the construction works the existing former railway viaduct, listed as an object under preservation, was reconstructed, connecting road below it provides an access to the Noblessner quarter via the Tööstuse street.  In addition to the road- constructing works the LED–technology based street lighting, water pipe-line, waste water canalization, heating and gas main were installed and communication line was reconstructed.   

In the financing of the construction works participated BLRT Grupp AS as the developer of the neighbouring territory and Riigi Kinnisvara AS, construction of technical networks was performed by by the holders of the networks- AS Gaasivõrgud, Elektrilevi OÜ and Tallinna Küte AS. The detail design of the reconstruction of Kalaranna street was made by SWECO Projekt AS, construction of the road was carried out by the AS Teede REV-2.

Construction of Kalaranna street constitutes only a small part of the bigger project regarding Noblessner residential quarter, developing of which is realized by BLRT Grupp in cooperation with the partners. A result of developing activity will be a valued unique site of the harbor quarter near the sea, possessing historical- cultural significance, a human-centered public space and events occurring in it.  BLRT transforms the territory of the shipyard with illustrious history into the presentable harbor quarter, where amidst historical houses, contemporary architecture and yacht harbor will always be enough space for people activities and culture.


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