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Western Shipyard received an award «Lithuanian Exporter 2014»

The presentation of awards «Lithuanian Exporter 2014» took place on the 18 June in Anykščiai at the annual conference of Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists. Western Shipyard competed in the subgroup of the strongest companies and was recognized as the winner. 

«Such evaluation is a pleasing one but in the same time obliging to aspire to the considerable results and to implement the most advanced technologies», - Director General of WSY Arnoldas Šileika is not about to hide his joy.  

Nomination «Lithuanian Exporter 2014»is one of the oldest awards of confederation, initiated already for the fourteenth time. The possibility to claim for award was opened to all Lithuanian enterprises, manufacturing items procured locally and exporting or offering export services. Companies were evaluated according to the total amount, volume and growth of export, volumes of all manufactured production and offered services were compared as well. In addition to this, labor productivity, investments, introduction and application of the international standards on management and quality were considered. Export of Western Shipyardreaches 82% of the total turnover.



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