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Lithuanian Companies of BLRT Grupp Deserved Awards

In the end of 2014 Lithuanian enterprises of BLRT Grupp Western Baltija Shipbuilding and Western Stevedoring received several awards from Lithuanian Government and Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists for exceptional achievements in business.

In the nomination „Industrial Machinery and Equipment“ of the competition «Lithuanian Product  2014» the  enterprise Western Baltija Shipbuilding received a gold medal for the construction of the fishery boat  Gitte Henning. Next to it a medals from Lithuanian Government and Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists were awarded to 81 enterprises from 15 different branches of economy.

Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists presented to the company Western Stevedoring an award in the nomination «Successfully Working Companies of 2014». Nominees were evaluated according to such indicators as volume of production and services, cost-effectiveness, manufacture investments, export volume, productivity among several other additional criterions.

For exceptional merits the Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists noted the Director General of Western Shipyard Arnoldas Šileika, presenting to him the Petras Vileišis Award for the achievements in the developments in the shipbuilding industry in Lithuania, for initiatives in cooperation between science and business, and for sponsorship activities for the benefit of the social and cultural life of the country.


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