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Bas-relief of Krusenstern unveiled in Noblessner quarter

On Friday, September 19, a bas-relief of Ivan Fyodorovich Krusenstern (Adam Johann von Krusenstern), the famous seafarer and admiral, was unveiled at 48, Tööstuse street in Noblessner quarter, which belongs to BLRT Grupp.

The bas-relief is installed on the wall of Loometsehh building, thus becoming an inseparable part of the quarter’s future central square (located between the port, Loometsehh and Valukoda) that already has an official name: Krusenstern Square. Both bas-relief and the square are a part of a larger plan to further develop Noblessner quarter. The plan includes the transformation of quarter with more than a hundred years old sea spirit into one of the main cultural centers of the capital.

The unveiling ceremony was attended by Katja Ljubobratets, the Communications Director of BLRT Grupp, Eha Võrk, the Deputy Mayor of Tallinn, Natalya Sidorkevich, the Managing Director of Club of Petersburgers, Aleksey Krusenstern, a member of the Krusenstern family, Mikhail Novikov, the captain of the bark “Krusenstern”, and Vladimir Dervenyov, the head of the delegation of guests from the Russian Federation.

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