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BLRT Refonda Baltic Disposed The Admiral Pitka Ship

Admiral Pitka was built in Denmark by a shipbuilding yard in Aalborg. On 27 May 1975, the ship was named Beskytteren (“Protector”). Beginning in 2000, the ship belonged to the Navy of Estonia and was its flagship. On 21 November 2000, the ship raised the flag of Estonia and was renamed in Admiral Pitka in honor of Johan Pitka.


Due to a lack of funds for ship maintenance, it has not been used since 2008. In 2013, the ship was decommissioned and transferred to the Estonian Maritime Academy. The latter decided to make a training class using this ship, and in 2014 it was sent for disposal to BLRT Refonda Baltic. The ship's equipment is going to be used as a training complex to prepare future Estonian sailors.

For BLRT Refonda Baltic, this project was of special interest in terms of engineering, as ship equipment and many components must be dismantled as a complex and be undamaged. The work was large-scale, and the new experience greatly increased the competence of the employees.

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