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Tallinn Shipyard has finished modernisation of passenger ferry Flekkeroy

Modernisation of passenger ferry Flekkeroy ordered by Norwegian company M Hjorteseth Shipping has been finished.

During the time that the ship spent in Tallinn Shipyard, it has passed through a complete makeover: the hull was rebuilt, the interior was fully renovated and the vessel freshly painted. After modernisation is completed, the ferry will be used for transporting materials, equipment and personnel along Norwegian coastline.

“For us, this project turned out to be unique for several reasons. First of all, the amount of works increased as compared to the initial plan. Furthermore, the nature of the project was very peculiar. The thing is that by the time we started works, the customer did not have the refurbishment project ready yet, so we did not have a clear idea about the installation of supplied equipment. That is why we stayed in close contact with designers, as well as with the representatives of equipment supplying companies while carrying out the works”, - says Gabriel Avanesov, the Marketing Director of Tallinn Shipyard.

“The vessel was built already in 1955, so today it doesn’t satisfy regulations and requirements any more. Still, the hull structure is good and it suits our purposes very well, that is why we have decided to modernise the vessel instead of looking for a new one. Now, after the works have been completed, the ferry looks very good. We are satisfied with Tallinn Shipyard’s services and the quality of some works is even higher than expected,” commented Mark-Rune Bannister, Director of Maritime Operations of M. Hjorteseth Shipping.

For the vessel to correspond to its designation, a new steel superstructure and aluminum deckhouse were built, and the main deck as well as other elements of hull structures were replaced. Tallinn Shipyard’s subcontractors installed new automation systems and radio aids to navigation on the vessel. Moreover, hull systems were rebuilt: ballasting system, fire alarm system, cooling system, fuel system, dehumidification system and fire smothering system. In addition to that, hydraulic systems for cranes, thrusters, ramps, and winches were installed.

Tallinn Shipyard is part of BLRT Grupp, one of the biggest industrial holdings in the Baltic States. Tallinn Shipyard is one of the leaders in ship repair and modernisation in the Baltic Sea region, and its history goes back to 1912. In cooperation with two other yards of BLRT Grupp - Turku Repair Yard in Finland and Western Shiprepair in Lithuania – Tallinn Shipyard offers a wide range of ship repair and modernisation services. BLRT Grupp offers quality services on all phases of a vessel’s lifespan, from designing and building to subsequent repairing and recycling.

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