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Western Ships Agency and Elme Transportas are award winners

Western Ships Agency and Elme Transportas, which are members of BLRT Grupp, were announced as "Gazelle 2013" winners in Lithuania.

On January 31, 2014 Western Ships Agency and Elme Transportas have been recognized as the most successful and fastest growing companies in Lithuania, and were awarded "Gazelle 2013".

"This award is the result of all the efforts that our team has made for sustainable development of both production capacity and quality of services,” said the director of Western Ships Agency Mindaugas Veresnevichyus.

According to the director Elme Transportas Algimantas Dirgela, award proves that the company chose the right path of development and could both improve the quality of services and to make a general contribution to the country.

"Statistics show that Lithuania's economy is rebounding and steadily increasing rate of its growth. We should be grateful for this result to the entrepreneurs and workers of the country. I urge all entrepreneurs share their success and give special attention to young people,” said Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite at the ceremony. Referring to numerous heads of enterprises, she noted that it were entrepreneurs who returned life to their regions by giving jobs to people and paying taxes.

"Gazelle 2013" is held by the largest business magazine in Lithuania Verslo žinios. Selection of participants is carried out on the basis of the State Tax Inspectorate. Companies are evaluated on the following criteria: transparency of business, the overall contribution of small and medium enterprises in the country's budget in the form of taxes, steady growth in revenues and profits, as well as contribute to the development of the region or a particular branch of the economy of Lithuania. In 2013, 3700 companies participated in the competition.

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