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BLRT Foundation supports the education of four engineers

Four Estonian students studying in different universities receive the BLRT Foundation scholarship.

Within the annual scholarship competition organised by the Estonian National Culture Foundation, the management board of the BLRT Foundation received 18 applications. The management board decided to grant the desired support to four engineers.

“It is vital for both the Estonian industry and economy as a whole that there would be as many talented and successful engineers in Estonia as possible. We hope that with the help of our foundation four outstanding specialists will be added to this list,” said Mark Berman, chairman of the management board of the BLRT Foundation.

In making their decision, the management board of the BLRT Foundation relied on several criteria. Academic success was taken into consideration: “With the aim of devoting myself to my chosen speciality, I take active part in international scientific conferences to keep abreast with the latest trends in my field and to present and receive feedback on my research articles,” said the scholarship recipient Tanel Aruväli, who is a doctoral student at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of the Tallinn University of Technology.

Commitment to one’s chosen speciality was also taken into account: “In addition to my studies, I improve my knowledge of shipbuilding and the software and design related to it. Considering my experience and studies, I see myself working at a shipyard in the future,” claimed the scholarship recipient Veljo Sepp, who is an undergraduate student of mechanical engineering at the Tallinn University of Applied Sciences. “I am satisfied with my chosen speciality -- I have worked as an engineer at a foundry for three years. In order to achieve even more, I continue my studies in a field that is largely related to my work -- product development and production technology,” said the scholarship recipient Marthin Strazev about himself. He is a master student at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of theTallinn University of Technology.

The management board also considered it important to support the studies of an already experienced specialist: “I have gradually raised my welder qualification since 2001. When I had acquired the highest qualification, it became clear to me that I should also develop my skills theoretically. I am currently working and studying the speciality of a welding engineer at the same time,” explained Vadim Averjanov, a student of the fifth course at the St. Petersburg State Polytechnic University.

The total amount of the scholarships is 8,000 euros.

The BLRT Foundation was established in 2012 by the industrial holding BLRT Grupp. The foundation is a part of the Estonian National Culture Foundation and supports young talented people in acquaring higher education. This year, the foundation accepted applications from students who studied mechanical engineering, ship repair, shipbuilding, metal casting, welding, offshore industry or production development. The management board of the foundation includes Raivo Vare, Indrek Neivelt, Anvar Samost, Mark Berman, Katja Ljubobratets.


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