Strongly and sharply

History 1947-1989

In 1947 the government of the Soviet Union decided to re-establish the factory as a shipyard. To be particular, the office of the 7th main administration of the Ministry of Shipbuilding Industry trusted a factory № 890 with Navy ships repair. As the factory was restored, specialists embarked on mending of various floating tools and mechanisms as well as manufacturing of equipment details and products of wide consumption.

In 1956, the factory started the building of self-propelled scows, floating cranes and offshore cruisers, and the repair of fish industry ships. At the junction of the 1950s and the 1960s, a list of factory activities was prolonged with the production of technological and non-standard equipment, nonferrous casting and supply with oxygen and acetylene.

In 1966, the reconstruction of the factory started. The aim of it was to increase production capacity by means of reconstruction and building of workshops. The specialization of workshops was taken into account and mechanisms were replaced. The second canteen was built at that time and an automatic telephone station that consisted of 600 numbers was put into operation.

The team of the Baltic shipyard was remarkable for plan over-fulfilment, innovations and its victories in various socialistic competitions. For example, ships were mended with the use of line production and positional methods.

Dwelling houses, kindergartens and a school for factory employees were built on Vasara Street in Pelguranna and in Mustamäe. The tram-line between the town and Kopli peninsula was reconstructed.

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